Voice Building

Your voice is like your fingerprint; singing should be easy.  I can help you get to that point!

When your voice is working properly you don’t even think about how you use it.  Think of it like a yin yang – we need a balance of flexibility and strength for optimal performance and sound.  When you have this you can make artistic decisions about how to use your voice – when you don’t it can be pretty frustrating.

Think of me as a personal trainer and yoga teacher for your voice.  I use my ears to hear what’s going on (because I don’t have x-ray vision,) and I create a personal exercise routine that will help you get where you need to go.  Yes, it is a bit like a vocal gym – and it feels great.

GuitarShy?  I know how vulnerable singing can make someone feel (which is what is beautiful about it!). I am a sensitive person who can provide you a place where you feel safe to explore and build your voice.  In fact, many students gain a lot of confidence through connecting with their voice.

Not shy at all but you don’t quite have the ease and range that you should?  I can help you there too